Medical office administration is in steady demand
While medical office assistants are in high demand, the interview process can get competitive. That’s why effective training programs like Computek College’s Medical Office Administration (MOA) diploma include valuable career preparation, such as one-on-one resume and job interview counselling, at every step of the way so students can launch into their careers smoothly. Once they get to the actual interview process, they will be confident about their accumulated skills and knowledge and can begin their new careers in a short time. So, let’s say you’ve got that Computek diploma. How exactly do you ace the interview? Check out these three helpful hints and you’ll do fine.

Draw on your Study and Work Experience During Interviews

You took good notes, right? Stay fresh and motivated in your knowledge about medical office administrator job descriptions and more by drawing on your recent studies. Use as specific examples as possible to make your story more visual, staying confident, exuding charisma and—most importantly—demonstrating a comprehensive and dependable understanding of essential duties required.

Employers will want to know if you understand the position

Employers will want to know if you understand the position

You may be asked about how you envision a typical work week or day or how you would handle a hypothetical situation on the job. You’re being asked implicitly to provide anecdotal evidence of past successes to show that you know how to get things done. Give them examples from any relevant on-the-job experience, your medical office assistant courses, go through expected procedures, speak clearly and intelligently. Despite not having extensive practical experience, graduates of a reliable institution such as Computek College acquire the skills to produce transcribed reports, process computerized insurance billing and documentation, and much more.

Discussing Strengths and Weaknesses Following Medical Office Administrator Training

Common questions found in any interview are ones that ask you to discuss your strengths and/or weaknesses. Strengths should come easily, again drawing on your medical office administrator training for inspiration, listing off and elaborating on areas in which you excelled during your courses. Employers are often looking for personable people because MOAs will be dealing with patients throughout the day. Demonstrate that you enjoy working with people, particularly in helping them on their way. Showing you’re a team player that will be helpful for patients.

Show how you're right for the position and launch your new career!

Show how you’re right for the position and launch your new career!

Don’t forget your computer and administration skills. The weakness question might seem like a trap but it can be an opportunity to reveal that you are taking the initiative to look sincerely at areas of yourself that still need working on. Focus on aspects that can easily be improved, such as knowledge of a non-essential computing skill—and perhaps resist the urge to say “I’m a perfectionist”.

Medical Office Administrator: What Makes You Right for this Position?

This is where your research comes into play. Research the clinic, hospital, physician office or other environment to which you are applying for, try to understand which essential duties your position will require from you, then describe how your particular qualities make it an ideal fit. Interested in pursuing a medical office administration diploma? Earn the required training from Computek College. Inquire to learn more!