The field of trained and experienced early childcare assistance is in growing demand. These professionals work in settings like daycare centers, pre-schools, traditional classrooms, Montessori classrooms, and more. An early childcare assistant’s skills allow them to lead children’s activities that guide mental, emotional, and physical development. Jobs in this field are dynamic and highly rewarding, and if you’re ready to start your early childcare assistant career, we have all the information you need, right here.

What Does It Take to Be an Early Childcare Assistant?

To be qualified for early childcare assistant roles, individuals must be well-trained and educated in infant, child, toddler, and preschool development. This training helps the assistant understand how to connect with and guide children in each age group. It’s also important to develop specific skills that are highly desired in early childcare assistants.

Observation skills are crucial to connecting with individual children, who may learn and interact in different manners. Knowledge of nutrition, health, and safety (including first aid certification) also helps protect the children. Written communication and curriculum planning skills help early childhood assistants build successful programs for children and communicate effectively with colleagues and parents.

What Do Employers Look For?

Above all, experience working with young children provides those seeking employment as an early childcare assistant with the most important factor in finding a job. An early childcare assistant’s workday can involve caring for and playing with children ranging from infants to kindergarteners, leading individual children and groups, and planning lessons and activities.

Experience shows an employer you understand what the role involves. This experience includes the ability to recognize and attend to a child’s physical needs. It also means you have shown the ability to work well with the constantly changing dynamics of young children at both the group and individual level.

Beyond the hands-on experience of caring for young children, employers seek individuals with skills that will help them grow in their position. Knowing how to craft lesson plans around children’s developmental progress and being able to consider and identify the developmental needs of individual children are essential.

Employers also look for some kind of certification. A diploma in childcare assistance is a hugely beneficial asset. Employers are often looking to fill an immediate job opening, but they also view hiring someone as a long-term investment. An early childcare assistant diploma shows you have immediately applicable skills and an eye on future advancement.

Why You Should Consider COMPUTEK College

Receiving a diploma in childcare assistance will help you stand out against the competition, and will make securing a good job much easier. COMPUTEK College’s early childcare assistant program is a key resource in providing hands-on childcare experience. This program allows you to take that vital step from a theoretical understanding to practical, hands-on application.

In our childhood assistant program, you will study early childhood development, child health and safety, and lesson planning. You will also earn child first aid and CPR certifications. At COMPUTEK College, you will gain practical knowledge from visits to childcare centers and Montessori classrooms. Then you will apply this knowledge in our childcare classroom lab settings, working directly with children under the guidance of early childhood education professionals to help master your new knowledge.

The program is designed for students seeking to upgrade their early childhood care skills and increase their employability in this exciting marketplace. COMPUTEK College’s program offers small classes, flexible hours, and industry-specific module learning. The combination of in-person and online learning platforms means materials and assignments are accessible wherever and whenever you need them.

A graduate of our program leaves with both an increased knowledge of the field and the hands-on experience that makes them a more valuable resource to any employer.

Enhancing Your Career with COMPUTEK College

We are here to help you every step of the way on your journey to a career as a childcare assistant. We offer field placement and application help for students completing the program. Many of our students find internships during their schooling, which often leads to employment after graduation. For full details about COMPUTEK College’s early childcare assistant program, get in touch with an admissions advisor now at: 416-321-9911. Or, apply now and get started on your new career path today! /